Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center image of an Arabidopsis plant image of an Arabidopsis flower being handled during crossing image of Arabidopsis plants with the cauliflower mutation close up image of the cauliflower mutation in Arabidopsis image of Arabidopsis plants growing in the greenhouse

We have been providing Arabidopsis and related species seed and other resources for research and education since 1991.


 Please read! The Ethics of Sharing Resources

The ABRC collects, preserves, reproduces and distributes diverse seed and other stocks of Arabidopsis thaliana and related species. Resources are donated by researchers from around the world. More than 100,000 samples are shipped annually to researchers and educators from 60 countries.

ABRC holdings include:

  • Arabidopsis seed stocks and clones
  • Arabidopsis cell lines and protein chips
  • Seed and clone resources from related species
  • Cloning vectors and host strains
  • Education kits



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